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Why MSH Public Cell Phone Charging Stations Are In Huge Demand

  • South Africa has a very high cell phone usage rate at 147% - that means many people have more than 1 phone.
  • A major problem is that batteries go flat at the most awkward time - while away from home or the office etc. This causes a lot of frustration and difficulty for people.
  • Finding a place to recharge in shopping centres, bus and train station hubs, sports venues, and other events is hard.

MSH Cell Phone Charging Stations provide commercial cell phone charging stations as a solution for this problem.

  • We offer landlords, businesses and entrepreneurs multiple device charging stations with highly advanced and patented technology that can recharge up to 18 phones at once.
  • It allows users to securely recharge batteries on the spot within 15 minutes.
  • This service is facing extremely high demand.
  • It is not only needed, it is deeply appreciated by customers who otherwise would be without a cell phone service - often when they really need it.

Charging Station History

Founded in August 2002 as high-tech development company that manufactures electronics charging machines. Protected by 13 patents including multiplexing prevention technology allowing secure and effective charging of multiple phones, simultaneously.

Products meet stringent international quality and safety standards including:

  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certifications.
  • European CE Certificate
  • Australian SAA
  • Q/HDCLY001-2002
  • Institute of Communication Products Supervision
  • Russian PCT

Markets including South Africa are USA, UK, Turkey, Mexico, Nigeria, Australia and Peru amongst other countries and regions in the world.